“There is in every child
at every stage
a new miracle
of vigorous unfolding.”
Erik Erikson
“Children learn as they play.
Most importantly, in play
children learn how to learn.”
O. Fred Donaldson
“The good life is a process,
not a state of being.
It is a direction,
not a destination.”
Carl Rogers
individual & integrative


Growing up also involves problems and difficulties. They are not always a cause for concern, on the contrary: crises are important moments in the development of young people. However, if they persist and perhaps even increase despite different attempts to solve them, it may be useful to investigate the problem more closely.


School problems can show up at any moment during a child´s schooling. School difficulties varies from minor to severe and might be very short lived or last longer. 

When you tackle the school problems early, your child has a better chance to get back on track and to gain the developmental skills they need to regulate their own behaviour.


One of the biggest challenges that parents face is managing difficult behaviour on the part of the children. We can talk about a simple disagreement that can create a huge conflict or the well-known tantrums.

Children and teenagers can learn a variety of behavioural techniques that can provide a roadmap to calmer, more consistent ways to manage the problems.


To mature emotionally and socially, children need to interact with people outside the home. Children are impacted by events that occur outside of their own communities.

Parents might be unable to reduce their child´s stress or limit any damage because they might not even know what their child has heard or has been exposed to outside of the home.

every child is special

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I have a rich experience in teaching, counseling and psychology, starting from 2008, in different international schools and universities from many countries and continents. I worked with more than seventy different nationalities so far. This provides me a strong and profound multicultural background.

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